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The Islamic State [From José Apezarena Blog (Journalist)]

I would like to talk about what is happening in Syria with the bloodthirsty ISIS (Islamic State), causing tremendous butcheries every day, without the slightest sign of concern in the world.

The international press estimates that they are executing hundreds of civilians, including the elderly, women and children in Palmira. And they stage this, for greater shame, in the very same Roman circus of the historic city.

Jihadi militias have launched a plan of systematic executions that has claimed the lives of more than 500 people, noncombatants, and mutilated their bodies.

Eyewitnesses speak of assassinations of dozens of officials, of their families and neighbors, and a landscape of abandoned corpses on the streets of the so called Pearl of the Desert.

According to the Syrian TV, they were accused of “loyalty to the Syrian government” and “disobedience to ISIS”. “These crimes are being perpetrated against the shameful silence of the international community,” added the TV channel.

The authorities have blamed the slaughter to the “countries that support terrorism and military equipment, mainly Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey as well as some Western countries.” They have sued the rest of the international community and humanitarian organizations to pressure on “those governments that support terrorism.” About the role of the Security Council UN, the authorities criticize that “has only expressed its ‘concern’, without taking any measure on the ground”.

Fifty thousand of people lived in the city lived before the arrival of Islamic radicals, although many of them managed to be evacuated by members of the Syrian army. The ruins of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the best preserved Roman remains, are being destroyed.

I repeat. This no one can hold!


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